Q&A: Mike Hesson

Quick Round Mike Hesson

1. How old were you when you started playing golf and who got you started?

I was 7 or 8 when I started caddying for my dad, I learnt to play the game mucking around when he was in the 19th.

2. Where did you start playing golf?

Tarras in Central Otago when on summer holidays and St Clair in Dunedin

3. What is the lowest handicap you have ever played off?


4. My lowest round was?

69 – at Balmacewen (Otago Golf Club), quality golf course

5. How many holes in one have you had?

2, both in 1995, not even close since

6. How far do you hit your 7-iron?


7. Your biggest fear on the golf course?

Out of bounds anywhere on the right.

8. What is your biggest frustration (pet peeve) when playing golf?

Not being able to get off the tee…………slow golfers can also ruin a nice round.

9. What do you most love about playing golf?

Getting away and clearing the head while enjoying the competitive nature of a haggle with mates.

10. What is your most memorable moment in golf?

My first time beating Craig McMillan and getting him to open his wallet.

11. What is your favourite golf course?

Steyn city (South Africa) but the views at St Clair golf course at home are hard to beat.

12. Who is the most famous person or best golfer you have played with?

Sir Richard Hadlee

13. What is the most memorable time/experience you have had on the golf course?

During the 2015 Cricket World Cup we had a week between matches during the pool play and to get away and relax we played some great golf courses throughout NZ. Of course, when you get competitive people together you always challenged for the blackcaps well sought after “yellow caps”

14. If you could pick any three people, alive or dead, to play in a fourball with, who would they be – any particular reason for your choices?

My only brother Karl who passed away 12 years ago (always great company, more entertaining than me), Michael Jordan (one of my sporting idols growing up – literally), Tiger Woods (would have some good chat…)

15. Which cricketer would you get the most satisfaction out of beating on the golf course and why?

Tim Southee, he has an answer for everything.

16. My favourite golf destination is?

Augusta (bucket list).

17. My favourite golf movie is?

Tin Cup

18. What is your favourite thing to do away from the golf course?

Taking my girls Holly and Charlie to school sports.

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