From the Publisher – May 2019

Marcus wheelhouse - 2018 Professional Coach of the year.


So, the news has finally been released and we can talk openly about it. Unreleased news is generally held by us to give administrators the ability to do their jobs without needless outside pressures.  However, this time TV1 Let loose with the news

For some months considerable effort has been going on behind the scenes with Dean Murphy and senior members of his Board, by pitching a very comprehensive proposal to the decision makers (USPGA) as to whether this country has the facilities and the infrastructure to hold such a massive golf event.

We have courses galore that could host the golf.  But it is the mix of infrastructure, Hotels of all ranges/classes, transport, viewer accessibility, security, supply chain logistics and the list just gets longer and longer.

Before anyone gets too excited an application was made by the City of Vancouver for 2023.  That application failed basically because they could not meet the infrastructure requirements.

So, there is a very long way to go over the few weeks, but if the team at NZ Golf cannot win the bid then it will not be through any stone left unturned by them.

At moment the spotlight is on the developing course created by the merger of Royal Auckland and the Grange properties.  Let’s hope the weather gods keep shining for them.

There are others in the potential mix obviously.

The news has not been kind to Lydia Ko again recently with yet more experts opining on her swing, or lack of it and her change of coach – again.  It is about time this girl was left alone, some of the “expert” assistance can back off and give her room to breathe.  The swing and that famous smile will return.

One of this magazine’s long-standing traditions is that all our PGA Golf Professionals are just that.  They write their own instruction; we help with photographs but otherwise it is all their own original work.  Only the best for our readers and none of the canned regurgitation you see in other golf magazines.

So, it was doubly exciting to have our local coach hero Marcus Wheelhouse win the accolade of 2018 Professional Coach in New Zealand – for the SECOND year in a row.  Marcus travels the world extensively and coaches Ryan Fox. We have all enjoyed the success that Ryan Fox has demonstrated.  Marcus also does some coaching from Akarana Golf Club. Congratulations to Marcus and his entire team.

Many years ago, we received letters from a disgruntled car park golfer and others, who were so intimidated by their Club’s atmosphere they used the car park of this golf club as a locker room.  Well, have times changed for the better.  Young blood Club Manager Michael Williams transferred from the very successful Manawatu Golf Club to Mount Maunganui nearly 2 years ago and what a mark he has made.  Mount Maunganui Golf Club has been named 2018 Club of the year.

Well done Michael and team.

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