TeeBike – Electric bike for golf

It is a freezing cold day, with a strong wind howling in from Mount Ruapehu and with more than a hint of rain in the air.

We are at Taupo Golf Club awaiting the arrival of a brand-new product.  An electric bike especially designed and adapted for the golf course.  We have all seen regular mini motor bikes with jury rigged brackets for the golf bag welded onto the frame scooting about the golf course, although I must say I have not seen one for some time now.

However, the years fly by and we now live in the era of the electric car, electric, scooters, and the electric bike.  Voila, and enter the TeeBike from MeloYelo electric bikes. Brand new to New Zealand, and I think the rest of Australasia.

An SUV draws into the car park driven by the idea guy behind the TeeBike, Rob McEwen.  He opens the boot and tucked into the back is what looked like a folded wheelchair.  Looks can surprise. In less than a minute Rob had taken the bike out of the car, opened it up, clipped on the bag carrier and we had a fully functional bike parked there.

This is, on inspection, a very clever piece of engineering.  It is VERY rugged and robust with massive gears and also overwide tyres that enable safe and stable usage on the ups and downs of a golf course and also comfortable riding on a road or pavement.

The usual comment from course superintendents in past years with the motor bikes and their thin ill designed tyres has been that they cut the grass up.  This is not an issue with this product.  With its fat tyres you glide around the course and you feel as if you are “floating”.

Riding the bike is a breeze.  It has a step through frame, so there are no leg machinations involved and once you have got your balance you zoom away.  Warning.  It has a number of power settings and you can over reach yourself when first learning.  Remember when we all learned how to drive a car and we tended to oversteer at times.  Same goes with this unit.  It does not take long but once you are comfortable, and confident, then getting around the golf course will be a breeze.

The bike is also designed for riding on the open road – anywhere practical and safe – so if you live not too far from the course then there is no need to load the car up.  Simply make sure the golf bag is secure and off you go.  In minutes you will be hitting your first drive!  This is a huge point of difference in other products of this nature.  Try driving your golf buggy to the golf course!

What are the downsides to this unit?  Actually, we struggled with this question.  It is a solo unit – no passengers! It requires equal care in driving as a golf cart, i.e. on the hills and by the water’s edge.

The upsides.  It is fast.  It is very quiet. It is relatively inexpensive.  There are plenty of parts and service centres throughout New Zealand, AND spare tyres.  Be in no doubt that if you EXTENSIVELY drive on the road then you will replace tyres more often than you might think was usual.  Again, not expensive though.

  • Comes with a universal bracket which attaches to the bike carrier and clamps on to the handle of any trundler.
  • Powerful 300 watt motor paired with a large 624 watt-hour battery (will get you to and from the course, with plenty of juice to complete your round)
  • A thumb throttle, allowing you to power the bike without pedaling (though it is designed for the motor to assist your pedaling, not replace your pedaling)
  • A folding frame, so you can put it in the boot of your car
  • Five levels of battery boost – tackle large hills with ease
  • Ultra comfortable saddle
  • Extra long mudguards to keep the mud off you and your golf bag
  • Available in charcoal only
Tech Specs
  • Aluminium alloy frame
  • Shimano 7 speed gear set
  • Waterproof cabling
  • Motor, controller, speed sensor, cabling and display all from Bafang, Asia’s most trusted supplier of e-bike electrics
  • 48 volt 13 Amp-hour lithium ion battery (recharges in around 4 hours)
  • Tektro mechanical disk brakes
  • Kenda 20” x 4” tyres (spare tyres available from MeloYelo)
  • LED headlight and tail light
  • 2 year warranty on the battery, motor, controller and torque sensor, 6 year warranty on the frame, 12 month warranty on other parts
Price and availability

$3195 including GST, free shipping (within NZ) and the universal trundler bracket

A limited supply of these bikes will be available mid December.

About MeloYelo

Over the past 2 years, MeloYelo has established itself as a premiere provider of reliable yet affordable ebikes in NZ, with lots of happy customers to back up that claim. We sell through a nationwide network of retired engineers, working from their garages at home (see https://meloyelo.nz/where-to-buy/). You can be assured of quality service both before and after the sale.

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