Level 4 Lockdown Update: NZ Golf Activities to Cease

nz golf lockdown update

NZ Golf has been given more information on how the Level 4 COVID-19 lockdown will affect golf clubs and the playing of golf across the next four weeks.

In a statement on their website, NZ Golf has stated that from Wednesday 25 March at 11.59 pm, all operations at golf clubs must cease for at least four weeks.

“This means all golf courses, practice facilities, clubhouses, pro shops, bar, function and catering facilities must now close,” said the statement.

“While this a major move for the country, the government is trying to save lives and we urge the golf sector to do all we can to play our part.

“While there was some thought that on course solo golf activity might be able to continue, providing a controlled environment that is healthy and safe will simply not be possible for all golf courses and facilities.”

NZ Golf has also requested further information from Sport NZ regarding the maintenance of golf courses during the lockdown.

“Until formal advice to the contrary is received, we recommend the golf sector plans to proceed with a cautious approach during the shutdown period. We accept that if golf courses/facilities are not maintained to at least a basic standard over the next four weeks, the task of repatriating to current conditions may not be achievable nor affordable for a great number of clubs.

“With that in mind, we recommend:

  • If essential and critical maintenance of golf facilities is deemed necessary, it should only be undertaken in a strictly solo manner (i.e by an individual).
  • During the undertaking of any essential maintenance, all recommended Ministry of Health hygiene practices must be followed, and strict social distancing must be maintained.

“This recommendation may well need to be updated if the government issues further advice however for now, we recommend golf clubs/facilities proceed cautiously in this manner.”

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