Mangawhai Enjoy 40 Years

Mangawhai Enjoy 40 Years
Photo: Melody Tito

As much as an anniversary, it could well be seen as a reunion. Five months ago, the Mangawhai Golf Club 40th Anniversary organising committee starting scratching heads.

The challenge? How best to celebrate their first 40 years.

Thanks to an army of volunteers, it all came to fruition on October 12.

Mangawhai – the real East Coast gateway to Twin Coast Discovery – welcomed a very special guest in Sir Bob Charles on his first visit to the area and Greg Turner, another NZ golfing icon.

By mid-morning Saturday both guests were being introduced to their playing groups and also spending precious moments signing gloves and answering enthusiastic questions from young players, who were simply in awe.

And so the day of celebration started with golf and finished in the evening with Michael Glading – longtime caddy for Sir Bob, and NZ Open tournament director – hosting a question and answer session with Sir Bob and Greg Turner, both regaling stories and offering compelling insights.

Congratulations Mangawhai and we hope the next 40 years are as successful.

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